Great Mistakes in English Medieval Architecture


Stained Glass Attitudes

One of the great things about medieval art and architecture is that people just went in and did things. They didn’t build models and scale them up, building great cathedrals and abbeys was a learning process as much as anything else. This means many of these apparently perfect aspirations to the Heavenly Jerusalem have some often quite comical mistakes, corrections and bodge-jobs that once you see, you can’t unnotice. There do seem to be a few more of them in English architecture than anywhere else, that makes it all the more fun to study…


Selby Abbey, nave, north arcade, early twelfth century Selby Abbey, nave, north arcade, early twelfth century

Ok even I know arches don’t look like that

Just a bit of settlement abbot, nothing to worry about

I don’t know why we even bother sometimes








Canterbury Cathedral, south-east transept, south wall, triforium, early 1180s Canterbury Cathedral, north-east transept, west wall, triforium, early 1180s

Uhh, master William, we’ve had…

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Uncertainty, Complexity, and Minimalist Footwear

TechnoScience as if People Mattered

In almost every technoscientific controversy participants could take better account of the inescapable complexities of reality and the uncertainties of their knowledge. Unfortunately, many people suffer from significant cognitive barriers that prevent them from doing so. That is, they tend to carry the belief that their own side is in unique possession of Truth and that only their opponents are in any way biased, politically motivated or otherwise lacking in sufficient data to support their claims. This is just as clear in the case of Vibram Five Finger shoes (i.e., “toe shoes”) as it is for GMO’s and climate change. Much of humanity would be better off, however, if technological civilization responded to these contentious issues in ways more sensitive to uncertainty and complexity.

Five Fingers are the quintessential minimalist shoe, receiving much derision concerning its appearance and skepticism about its purported health benefits. Advocates of the shoes claim that its…

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From Long Hair to Chewing Gum: Banned in Singapore

Something which should be applied every where.

Remember Singapore

What do gongs, long hair and chewing gums have in common?

They were all part of a list of items that were either permanently banned or disallowed in public for a period of time in Singapore. Some banned items contained dangerous elements, while others were associated with excessive contents of sex and violence that challenged the society’s moral standards. Banning of certain publications was common. For example, a Hong Kong comic, popular among Singapore students who would spend their pocket money to buy at the roadside stalls, was banned in 1966 due to its undesirable storyline filled with violence, gangsterism and fantasy.

So other than drugs and gambling, what had been banned in Singapore since the sixties?

Playboy Magazines

As part of the “anti-yellow” drive at the start of 1960, the Playboy magazine and its Playmate calender was officially banned in Singapore. Costing $2.10 per copy, the monthly magazine from Chicago…

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Perennial Favorites: Post Titles that Boost Your Traffic

Something which all of us miss out and our traffic remains the same.

The Daily Post

It’s the meat of your post that counts, but, more often than not, it’s your post title that first signals to potential visitors they should hop over to your blog. In this post from our archives, Krista gives us some great pointers on crafting titles that work.

You’ve been working hard on your blog: you put thought and effort into your About page, your site title and tagline, and you’ve even picked a funky blog name. You sweat your photography. You read and re-read your drafts to make sure they’re just so.

With over 1.4 million posts published on every day, how do you make sure your work stands out in the crowd? Crafting strong post titles is one way to snag reader attention, pique interest, attract followers, and earn repeat visits. Here are some ideas to think about as you write titles…

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New on WordPress for Android: Notifications

Look at this, awesome.

The Blog

Version 2.4 of WordPress for Android: Notifications panel on a Samsung Galaxy S3Need to get your Notifications on the go? With version 2.4 of WordPress for Android you’ll see all your Notifications right on your Android device.

Step away yet stay connected

With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can:

  • Read comment threads and reply.
  • Moderate new pending comments.
  • Get stats highlights.
  • See your new followers and follow them back.
  • See who liked your posts.

Don’t need so many notifications? You can turn off specific notification types (for example “Likes”) in the Settings panel. You can also mute entire blogs if it gets too noisy.

Pending notifications in the notification center

See what’s going on with your blog quickly.

Replying to comments from the notification center

Reply to comments with ease.

Additional improvements and bug fixes

We also added a few more nifty features in this release:

  • A new menu icon has been added that…

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The WordPress for Android App Gets a Big Facelift

Excellent, most sought.

The Blog

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: big UI update for the best Android blogging app

We’re constantly working on updates to our mobile apps to make your experience on the go the best it can be. Today, we’ve jubilantly released version 2.3 of WordPress for Android to Google Play. After updating, you’ll see right away that this release includes very exciting updates to the user interface. Let’s dive in to what’s new!

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: the new, blue action barAction Bar

You’ll notice a fresh, new look. We’ve taken into account Android’s “Holo” style guidelines and implemented the Action Bar interface throughout the app. If you’ve used any other apps designed for Android 4.0 or higher, you’ll feel right at home with the new design. Your Action Bar provides easy access to common actions such as creating a new post, refreshing, and sharing to other apps.

We also couldn’t resist making the Action Bar in WordPress blue. 😉

Menu Drawer

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: menu drawer on Google Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy S3

The older-style dashboard interface has been replaced with a Menu…

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