What is the main health problems faced by all of us

Today health has become our main areas of concern inspite of countries spending huge % of money to address in this area.
WHO is able to publish new diseases very often although we have all succeeded in eradicating several other diseases which had caused havoc in our continents leading to mass deaths and poverty.

In this blog I wanted to identify few of the common health issues which our close blood relations are suffering from and have even crippled many peoples. Have tried to identify few issues and sharing some known medicines, lifestyle changes and products available.

The internet revolution has brought people close to each other in terms of communications, physical distance does’nt matter any more, new innovations, travel, infrastructure etc and we are no more separatd by geographic location barriers. We intended in this blog where people can share the good practises which they have been using and make it available to everyone across geo-locations.
It was rightly worded by our elders in one simple statement –


Some of the main issues are

  1. Knee Pain – Knee Arthritis Today
  2. Diabetes, sugar
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. Uterus Problems
  5. Prematured Hair loss
  6. Addictions
  7. Cancer
  8. Over Weight or Obesity
  9. Migraines
  10. Psycological disorders

While this list is endless, addressing few of this issues can even bring down the count many other health problems.

There are many affiliate products and solutions available for several health related issues and many of them have been provided in this blog.


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